Black coffee: Beats or spikes hangover?

Posted on August 23rd, 2017 in alcohol, Alcohol Abuse, alcohol addiction

Black coffee: Beats or spikes hangover?

After indulging in excessive drinking, it is quite natural to witness a hangover including headaches, nausea, tiredness and other short-term symptoms. Though traditionally coffee has been considered as a cure for all kinds of dizziness, consistent hammering in the head, heart palpitations, etc. witnessed after drinking, a number of studies have also highlighted the repercussions.

In fact, most people suffering from a hangover tend to exhibit negative behavior at the workplace. They are more likely to skip work or miss their daily tasks. This has been a major bane for the American economy.  In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that such hangovers cost $249 billion in 2010  in the United States due to the related absenteeism and poor job performance.

With the wide availability of information on the web, most people often have a number of misconceptions, such as popping a pain pill with a drink can help relieve a hangover or perhaps a sip of Bloody Mary or a mimosa in the morning can alleviate the symptoms of a hangover. Moreover, there is a myth revolving around the use of black coffee in order to treat a hangover. However, some of the key pointers mentioned below explain the side effects of coffee on the people struggling with a hangover:

  • Won’t make one sober: Whether one swims in the shots of espresso after diving deep in uncountable drinks or decide to alleviate his or her hangover with cold brew the next morning, coffee will not help in curtailing the effects of alcohol. Though the main components of coffee like adenosine, adrenaline and caffeine tend to increase one’s alertness, they do not affect the receptors affected by alcohol.
  • Worsens a headache: While many people commonly think that drinking coffee helps in preventing a headache, it actually intensifies the hangover headache. Caffeine shrinks the blood vessels, which in turn increases the blood pressure. In such situation, if a person is already suffering from a pounding head, the consumption of coffee is likely to further escalate the severity level of a hangover headache.
  • Depletes water level: Just like alcohol, coffee also acts as a diuretic agent. Coffee depletes the level of water in the body needed to flush out the chemicals and toxins produced due to alcohol use.
  • Leads to poor decision-making: The amalgamation of alcohol with coffee can lead to poor decision-making skills due to the impairment of the key cognitive-behavioral skills, such as coordination, alertness, clear thinking, etc., which often lead to serious risks. A study published by Mary O’Brien et al. analyzed college students who consumed either alcohol or alcohol-caffeine beverages. The study found that nearly twice as many of those who consumed alcohol-caffeine beverages were relatively more prone to be injured both sexually and physically compared to those consuming only alcohol. As an adolescent’s brain is still in the developmental stage, the long-term effects of these drinks can affect the prefrontal cortex, the one involved in decision-making and impulse control, and can cause serious debilitating conditions like depression in later years.

Recovery road map

Coffee can be a really bad option if one is struggling with a hangover. To avoid a withdrawal headache, one can drink plenty of water to manage the dehydration caused by alcohol, drink fruit juices and ginger tea, and most importantly, get a proper sleep.

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism has become one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the U.S. Even a single night of chronic heavy drinking can lead to serious and risky behaviors like road accidents, unprotected sex, assaults and other health hazards.

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