Stop drinking to alleviate breakup pain

Posted on March 28th, 2017 in Addiction, alcohol, Alcohol Abuse

Stop drinking to alleviate breakup pain

Alcohol has become one of the most popular substances for breakups, patch ups, graduation parties and even birthday parties. While some take alcohol to drain away their pain after a painful breakup, others turn to alcohol to celebrate the blossoming of a new relationship. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 86.4 percent of people in the age group 18 and above have admitted of consuming alcohol at some point in their lifetime.

It’s a well-known fact that adolescence is a critical phase of life. During this period, one witnesses several hormonal and chemical changes in the body. Driven by the curiosity to taste the wonders of the world, youngsters during this phase begins experimenting with alcohol. Generally, adolescents indulge in binge and heavy drinking. Binge drinking possibly occurs due to a bet or breakup with a partner, which can put one at a high risk of overdose or fatal accidents.

People resort to alcohol as quick fix solution to breakup pain

Getting over a breakup is difficult. The memories and sentiments attached with that person tend to haunt one emotionally, thereby leaving him or her in a miserable and desolated state. Moreover, letting go of those memories seems next to impossible. In such a situation, people resort to alcohol to overcome the emotional challenges of a breakup.

Besides the short-term impacts, such as drowsiness, lack of coordination, etc., alcohol impairs judgment, decision-making and concentration capacity. Being a depressant, alcohol suppresses the chemicals of the brain, which affect a person’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

The reason why people rely on alcohol after breakups are because of the relaxed feeling caused due to the chemical changes in the brain. According to an online survey, over one-quarter of men go out binge drinking to ease their pain after a breakup. Drinking is used as a quick fix and an easy way to feel better. In fact, it is seen as a way to avoid sharing one’s feelings after a breakup with buddies.

According to a study by the Wake Forest University, after a breakup women usually get depressed and men turn to substances, such as alcohol, drugs, etc. Though men generally do not express their grief and despair, they tend to suffer from inside. They significantly have worse time than women when the relationship is chaotic or not going well.

Chronic alcohol abuse can cause severe physical and mental health issues, such as kidney diseases, heart problems, lack of concentration, etc. Alcohol alters the brain and depresses the central nervous system (CNS). The high concentration of alcohol can impair the brain’s function, thereby leading to brain damages. Habitual drinking can lower the serotonin level in the brain and increase the risk of witnessing depression and psychosis.

The above study, published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, also confirms that after a breakup men suffer more than women. This is probably because women have more people around them to support or hear them compared to men.

Breakups part of life, not end of life

Breakups and patch ups are part of life. However, choosing alcohol as a means to escape problems is never a smart idea. Instead of opting for alcohol, one should prepare himself or herself to embrace a change. After a breakup, people should take care of themselves and indulge in activities that inspire or cheer them up, such as writing, painting, drawing, etc. One should put down his or her happy, sad, angry or lonely thoughts in his or her writings, because alcohol kills but writing does not.

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