Drink spiking: Beware while taking a drink from strangers

Posted on June 6th, 2017 in drinking

Drink spiking: Beware while taking a drink from strangers

Many people enjoy the freedom that is associated with drinking alone. This is because they consider alcohol as an effective way to self-medicate their stress and anxiety. However, a lot of people prefer to drink alone from the very beginning so that their loved ones never come across their devastating habit. But, drinking alone or away from home leave people open to the risk of “drink spiking,” a common phenomenon in which powerful drugs or extra alcohol are added clandestinely to a person’s drink.

Although quite common in the United States, drink spiking is incredibly difficult to detect, resulting in devastating consequences, including coma and death. Sadly, women are common victims of drink spiking, which puts them at the risk of certain grave consequences like rape, sexual assault or theft.

Incidentally, the practice of mixing someone’s drink with extra alcohol or drugs is common at nightclubs, parties, pubs, restaurants, and private homes, either simply to have some “fun” or to control the drugged victim to gain some undue advantage over him or her. Although the effects of drink spiking depend on factors such as size, weight and amount of drug used, it can turn a person unconscious and unable to defend oneself, or remember the incidents that took place after he or she was drugged.

How to detect and avoid the ill effects of drink spiking

It is an uphill task to determine whether the drugging victims were actually drugged or not. But, most of the times, even victims are not aware of such drugging incidents. But adding alcohol into a non-alcoholic drink like water, or fruit juice, or adding extra alcohol to an alcoholic drink shows its effects in due course of time.

Although the symptoms experienced by an individual largely depend on the type of substance used to spike a drink, some of the commonly observed symptoms ar

  • Lowered inhibitions
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Difficulty speaking and general imbalance
  • Visual problems, such as blurred vision
  • Memory loss
  • Confusion or disorientation
  • Paranoia (a feeling of fear or distrust of others)
  • Hallucinations and unconsciousness
  • Feeling of nausea

The best way to avoid the risk of drink spiking is to prevent drinking alone, especially at pubs, clubs or parties. Listed below are some tips that will allow a person to party hard, while still staying safe from the repercussions of alcohol abuse:

  • Partying only with trusted friends
  • Discussing the essential precautions and how to help each other if need arrives
  • Keeping an eye on the bartender while he/she prepares the drink
  • Not accepting drinks from strangers
  • Requesting a friend to watch over the drink in case one has to leave the table for some reason

Staying away from alcohol to lead a healthy life

Spiking somebody’s drink is illegal, even if it’s done to have fun with friends. People spiking other’s drink can be charged, fined or jailed, depending on the severity of the incident. Alcohol is one of the highest causes of death in the U.S. About 88,000 deaths occur in the U.S. due to alcohol-related reasons, such as car crashes, unintentional injuries like falls, etc. Although the path of recovery consists of many bumps, it is ultimately the best path one can ride through.

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