The link between alcohol abuse and lung cancer

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The link between alcohol abuse and lung cancer

Alcohol consumption has been linked to a variety of cancers, including breast, throat, mouth and liver cancers. Additionally, it has been suggested by researchers that alcohol consumption can also increase the chance of lung cancer. Heavy consumption of alcohol also creates alcoholic lung disease, a precursor of serious lung diseases, including cancer. Some researchers suggest that alcoholic lung disease can be as serious as cirrhosis for those with alcoholism.

Heavy consumption of alcohol may raise the risk of developing lung cancer, but the results often vary according to gender and the type of alcohol consumed.

Ethnic background is also an influential factor. While recent research carried out on a Chinese population found no links between alcohol intake and lung cancer, it is believed that for many other ethnic backgrounds, alcohol consumption and lung cancer may be interrelated.

Gender, alcohol and risk of lung cancer

For males, heavy beer consumption of and use of hard liquor has been linked with an elevated risk of lung cancer. The risk is prevalent even if smoking is not taken into account. Smoking history or addiction may in fact increase the risks of lung cancer. Notably, the risk has been found to be the greatest for men who consumed fewer fruits and vegetables in their diets.

The study on women has not been satisfactory so far since that area has not been extensively researched. However, one study showed that female beer drinkers actually had a slight reduction in risk. Although, alcohol consumption has been directly linked with an increase in breast cancer in women. No link has yet been established between women beer drinkers and lung cancer.

A review of studies done to date showed that there is an elevated risk of lung cancer in men who exceed one beer or serving of hard liquor per day. However, the same study found that there is a reduction in risk for those who consumed moderate amounts of wine.

It has been suggested by researchers that most of the heavy alcohol drinkers fall in the risky zone for lung cancer. It is a fact that red wine and some other alcoholic beverages may be less dangerous than hard liquor, but most of the abusers exceed the safety limit and consume excessive drinks in most situations. There is much reason to believe that alcohol consumption is directly linked to an increased risk of lung cancer.

Further research needed to study the link between alcohol and lung cancer

The interaction of alcohol with cigarette smoking and dietary intake are subjects requiring additional research. A panel of experts commissioned by the World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research concluded in the past that alcohol intake may “possibly” increase lung cancer risk.

It should be noted that although there is no direct evidence that alcohol intake is a cause of possible lung cancer, it is implied that the risk remains. Drinkers now have another caution to add to their list.

Alcohol addiction kills

While it has not been confirmed that alcohol addiction is the reason behind lung cancer, that does not decrease the dangers of alcohol. Heavy drinkers should reduce their consumption or stop drinking. If you need help have an online chat with the Arizona Alcohol Addiction Helpline representatives to learn more about alcohol addiction treatment centers in Arizona. To discover the best alcohol addiction treatment clinic in Arizona, call our 24/7 helpline at 866-671-1510.

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