One must surrender and let go in recovery

Posted on November 8th, 2017 in News

One must surrender and let go in recovery

Recovery from an addiction begins with total surrender and willingness to transform oneself. It is the foundation of any recovery process—giving the control to someone else who can help one gain a better insight and life. Without surrender, there is little possibility of positive changes to take place and win the battle.

The truth is we have always held on to the belief that only cowards surrender and we tend to resist. But during recovery, surrendering is the means of opening up to a different world, letting go the inhibitions, entrusting one’s life in the hands of others, and being courageous enough to fight self-destructive tendencies.

Given below are a few reasons why surrendering is key to long-lasting recovery:

Surrendering is losing control in a good way: The idea of surrendering can be a struggle when one is used to being in control, especially those who have been in leadership roles at work or at home. It goes against their ego to ask for help or rely on guidance from others; to admit that one is waging a losing battle against alcohol or drugs. When a person has been successful at navigating other areas of their life, it can be a herculean task to admit that they must let go of the control to rise above the challenges of addiction.

Surrendering signals that it’s time to accept a different approach. One must pass on the baton to someone else.

Surrendering is not giving up: Although nobody likes to surrender to someone else, whether in terms of power, money or an idea, yet when it comes to recovery, it is a different ball game altogether. Surrendering control to someone else is akin to preparing to let go of addiction. Giving up is a sign of weakness but surrendering is an art of becoming better.

Surrendering not to lose but to win: People in recovery are already fighting a battle against addiction as they are unsure how to go about it but when they surrender, they are on their way to win their fight. There are many people who have survived the battle and now share their experiences of the journey. Once they surrender to a higher entity, they can move forward with their lives with the belief that all things will be taken care of for good.

Surrendering leads to spiritual awakening: The journeys may be different but almost every religion or spiritual path begins with surrender of the self. One must dissolve their ego and be able to tread the path shown by others, which requires a great deal of courage, hope and trust. At this junction, admitting defeat is truly a sign of strength. Surrendering is essentially a process of trusting someone or something deep enough to willingly give up control. It leads to a spiritual awakening in people as they learn to develop trust and faith in others. People are usually held back from surrendering due to fear. Once they feel satisfied that the environment is safe they start to let go. Surrender of pride and admission of defeat leads to a life of freedom.

Welcoming a life of freedom

Researchers and doctors have fully established how addiction to drugs or alcohol lead to devastating consequences for the sufferer and his or her loved ones. A life dependent upon them is like choosing disaster over endless blessings of life. It’s time to choose recovery and witness the transformation.

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