Sheridan Smith bids adieu to drinking after years of struggle

Posted on October 1st, 2019 in Addiction, alcohol, Alcohol Abuse

Sheridan Smith bids adieu to drinking after years of struggle

After struggling for years with alcohol, Sheridan Smith, The Funny Girl actress, finally quit alcohol. The 38-year-old said that she was feeling much better now that she had quit. She also stated that her fiancé Jamie Horn, with whom she was in a relationship for the last 18 months, was supporting her in her quest to attain sobriety. Smith completely stopped drinking and she can already see that the bloating on her face has disappeared. She added that it was not possible to embark on this journey alone and now that she had support, she felt a lot better. Having turned sober only recently, Smith still has a long way to go but she is happy that she started somewhere.

A couple of months back, Smith posted an Instagram message where she accused her fiancé’s mother of killing her dog. She even accused her of being capable of doing anything. Smith stated that when that incident happened, she was aggressive, emotional, upset, and drunk. She was truly embarrassed about what she did. Smith is an acclaimed actress for her role on TV as Cilla and Mrs. Biggs, however, despite the fame, she has struggled hard with anxiety and imposter syndrome, a condition in which the affected individual suffers from chronic self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy despite having achieved marked success.

Celebrity status comes at a cost

In an interview with Stella Magazine, Smith shared that she belonged to an industry where it was expected of everyone to always smile and show that everything is great and that they are fine and having a wonderful life. However, that was not the case always because after a point of time, it got difficult to continue to lie to people who were close to you. It is difficult to meet all expectations and soon one starts feeling anxious and stressed all the time.

Further, she was expected to behave in a certain way because she was a celebrity, however, she couldn’t do things right. She was advised by her publicists about how to say something and how to behave but she did what she wanted. She overdid the alcohol which led her to make rude and inappropriate jokes. Since she never went to a drama school, she thought she was a misfit as an actress and felt scared and lonely at times. Moreover, everyone around her wanted to believe that she was happy whereas in reality, she was miserable inside. All this led her to drink more and more as a way to escape reality.

Dad’s demise ripped her apart

In 2016, Smith’s dad died due to cancer and Smith was at a crossroad. She was mocked by Graham Nortan at the BAFTAs for skipping her shows as the lead actor of Funny Girl. This incident distressed her, and it was unbelievably painful for her to realize that people who belonged to the same industry as her, were laughing at her. She retaliated through tweets full of anguish that reeked of alcohol, humiliation, and desperation.

After her dad’s demise, Smith was heartbroken. She got herself 8 tattoos and one of them was dedicated to her father. She was convinced that with this extensive body marking, she was now out of showbiz. She shared that the tattoos were a manifestation of her self-destructive behavior.

She seemed to get back on track by living with her 28-year old fiancé who is an insurance broker. She also has 12 dogs, a few horses, 4 donkeys, 2 pot-bellied pigs, and some goats. Smith is currently on an anxiety medication that seems to be working fine, she has the support of her fiancé, and the animals also bring her peace.

Self-destruction is not the answer

Like Smith, many people have a tendency to go into a self-destructive mode when they have to deal with something unpleasant in their lives. However, it is important to understand that one is not alone, and everyone faces adversities. Drinking alcohol is not the solution. Casual consumption for relieving stress can turn into a habit affecting one’s physical as well as mental health, finances, relationships, school, and so much more. Therefore, if one notices themselves drinking too much, they must seek immediate professional help.

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